Executive DirectorInterAmerican Hearth Foundation – USA

Beatriz Champagne, Ph.D., is executive director of the InterAmerican Heart Foundation, an organization dedicated to prevention of heart diseases and stroke in the Americas. She spearheads initiatives such as “Community Interventions for Health,” in Mexico City addressing diet, physical activity and tobacco; and “Smokefree Mexico”, a program that has resulted Mexico City becoming 100% smoke free. In addition, Beatriz helped organized initiatives such as tobacco warning labels in the Caribbean, the Healthy Caribbean Coalition, Journalism Awards, tobacco control research, emergency cardiovascular care (ECC) networks and training, nicotine dependence treatment training, salt reduction, women and heart disease, among others.

She is an investigator and organizer of the CARMELA Study of 7 Latin American cities to evaluate risk factors of heart disease. Her organization received the 2009 Luther L. Terry Awards for Exemplary Leadership in Tobacco Control. She is in the Executive Committee of Global Advocacy for Physical Activity, and INWAT, International Network of Women Against Tobacco.

Beatriz holds a Ph.D. from Rutgers University and a B.S. summa cum laude from the University of Illinois. She was born and raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

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