Capacitación de Médicos en Tabaquismo – ARGENTINA

Mariela Alderete, M.D., currently serves as the Vice Director at the Fundación InterAmericana del Corazón Argentina (InterAmerican Heart Foundation Argentina – FIC Argentina), a nongovernmental organization, whose mission is to promote public policies and social changes that ensure the protection of the right to health through the reduction of chronic non-communicable diseases, particularly cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. She also leads a regional initiative for monitoring the tobacco industry interference with tobacco control policies in Latin America and the Caribbean and implementing response strategies.

Between 2008 and 2011, Mariela was assistant coordinator at the Smokefree Alliance of Argentina (ALIAR), a civil society coalition to promote 100% smoke-free environments in Argentina. She performed several research investigations and publications on the effectiveness of public health policy and clinical interventions with special focus on tobacco control and gender. In 2012, Mariela received the International Network of Women Against Tobacco Award 2012 (INWAT) for her dedication and commitment to tobacco control and women’s health.

Mariela graduated from the National University of Cordoba, Argentina. She completed her residency in General Medicine and Community and she trained at the Hospital Italiano de Buenos Aires as a Specialist in Family and Preventive Medicine. She is trained in clinical research, epidemiology and evidence-based medicine in GESIC. She was also trained on the Implementation of 100% smoke-free environments by the Pan American Health Organization.

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